Making our Lodge Sustainable.

At Mountain Lodge Huraaz we understand that human activity is very rarely environmentally friendly.We are doing everything we can to move in the right direction for a bright and sustainable future for our mountain hotel.Here are some of our working principles.

1- We make use of hydroelectric power, generated from our own snow melt water source. This represents a considerable financial investment in minimising our carbon footprint. The system supplies electricity for appliances & 24hr lighting in our rooms.

2- We do not clean your room, change your sheets or towels unless you request us to do so.


3- We do not provide hotel soap, shampoo, etc. in bedrooms. This is not an eco-friendly practice.

4- We ask that you bring your own toiletries with you. We have installed our own sealed water infrastructure from our mountain springs. This helps minimise the use of plastic bottles.

5-We separate our rubbish between: organic, which we compost, and paper, plastic, glass, metal and batteries which we reuse, recycle, etc. Please hand in any recyclable items.