Free yourself

Churup Mountain Lodge offers several treks from its front door. Both day treks and multiday treks, from your front door. Don´t be fooled by thee perfect lie perpetrated by Huaraz since 31st of May 1970. Huaraz is not a good place to stay for trekking in the area. It is at least an hour´s drive up a very bumpy dirt road to get to the nearest part of the Cordillera Blanca. This is not a journey that you want to be doing twice in a day, and certainly not for several days in a row.


Nor is Huaraz a great place to acclimatise to altitude as it is at a relatively low 3100m, 300m lower than Cusco in fact.

The lodge is at 3700m, pretty much on the edge of the Huascaran National Park. (HNP) meaning you can do as much or as little as you like each day, set off when you like, get back when you like and be freed up from those dreadful tours.


Here´s a synopsis of the treks from the lodge:

Day treks:

  • Laguna Churup 5 hour
  • Cojup River 3 hour
  • Llupa & Pitec 3 hour
  • Laguna Llaca 9 hour
  • Mountaňa Churupita  9 hours
  • Laguna Palcacocha 10 hours
  • Overnight treks:

  • Quilcayhuanca & Cojup 4 days

    The Way Inn Lodge is a great place to begin many treks in the Cordillera Blanca. Above are just a small selection of what is available.  Whether you are looking for day hikes, acclimatisation or multi-day treks all are possible combined with the comfort of the Lodge. Routes are colour coded on the map below. Upon booking you receive the login to our client page with the downloadable trekking descriptions.